The most beautiful places to visit in Israel

With its fascinating history, stunning natural landscapes, and beautiful beaches, Israel gives its visitors an immense variety of experiences. Below are some places you can visit while on holiday in Israel to view the beauty of the country.

Acre – North Israel

A variety of cultures have inhibited Acre in its history, which includes the ottomans and crusaders, each leaving a mark in the region. With buildings that are interesting and culturally molded, sights and ruins around each corner, Acre is a location you must visit in Northern Israel. Enjoy your romantic evening walking in the port, eat at the local restaurants or stroll in a relaxed manner through the markets of Acre.


Found in lower Galilee, Nazareth remains a crucial holy destination around the world for Christmas. Additionally, above its religious values, Nazareth is a city that is rich in history and culture, not to forget interesting archeology, which shows the visitors a different side to the Middle Eastern Charm.

Sea of Galilee

The Kinneret, as called by the Israelis, commonly known as the Sea of Galilee, is a major source of water, plus the largest Israel’s freshwater lake. The history of this lake goes a long way backward. When you refer to the New Testament, the majority of the miracles of Jesus took place here, including the walk on water. Currently, tourists get to this sea to enjoy relaxing lakes, practice different activities of water, or have fun to construct rafts.

Golan Heights

In the northern part of the country, you will find Golan Heights, a region that is mountainous with landscapes that are breathtaking, intriguing historical attractions, and wonderful nature reserves. If you have interests in hiking, the region of Golan provides various paths with different difficulty levels, depending on the times of the year. During winter, the Hermon Mountain found in Golan Heights is the right destination for skiers.


Haifa possesses different neighborhoods and a mixture of cultures, which make it a lively place for visitors. You can enjoy its vibrant beach and beautiful port, which is perfect for surfers. Also, you can take in a great, beautiful nature this place has to offer in the unique Bahai Garden.

Tel Aviv

This location has a combination of vibrant nightlife, relaxing beaches, culinary delights, authentic markets, and much more. The society is open-minded; therefore, everybody will have the ability to find space here. As the center for entertainment for Israel, Tel Aviv offers a calendar of events all through the year. They include the Tel Aviv Fashion Week, Purim Street Party, and Gay Pride Parade.


Jerusalem is among the holiest cities of the world because it is home to significant spiritual sites for Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. A visit to Jerusalem is similar to traveling back in time. In the middle, you will get the old city surrounded by the grand wall; where visitors can learn so much about the religious history of Jerusalem by visiting areas like the western wall, the church of Holy Sepulcher, and the Al Aqsa Mosque. According to align local, Jerusalem city has four divisions; the Armenian quarter, the Jewish quarter, the Christian quarter, and the Muslim quarter. While visiting Jerusalem, you need to visit museums outside the Old City like Yad Vashem, the Holocaust remembrance center.