Desirable destinations for your holiday in South India

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

The ancient Madurai is the home of the most important and impressive temple of South India called the Meenakshi. In case you only see the South Indian Temple, then it is the one. The Madurai city is over four thousand years old and is still a critical center for learning and culture. The old part of this city is great to explore by foot. Today, Madurai attracts tourists and pilgrims in similar numbers. The Chithirai festival that lasts twelve days, which features the re-enacted spiritual wedding of Goddess and God, is held here in April of every year.


This was a former eighteenth French colony and is still a separate union territory found on the east coast of Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry has a unique French flavor and offers a break that is delightful. Wander on the atmospheric French Quarter and the promenade, soak the peaceful atmosphere, browse the boutiques, and dine in their delicious restaurants. Sri Aurobindo attracts so many spiritual seekers; also, Auroville is a great day trip.

Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu

Also called Mamallapuram, Mahabalipuram is a beach town that has a surfing scene and thriving backpacker, one hour from Chennai. It is renowned for the stone sculpture industry; therefore, spare some money for shopping. Other attractions include Five Rathas, Shore Temple, and the Arjuna’s Penance. The classical dance festival takes place each year from late December to the end of January.

Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

This town is a peaceful pilgrim in the south of Tamil Nadu, which is brought to life by a constant stream of virtuous individuals who come to bathe in the holy water, get puja done for purifying karma, and then visit Ramanathaswamy. The temple and town are tied to the Ramayana, the Hindu Epic. It is where Lord Hanuman was found by Lord Ram to build bridges across oceans for rescuing Sita from the abductor, the Ravan Adam’s Bridge, a chain of sandbanks and reefs, is said to be the location of the bridge. It is as remote as you may get, and connects India with Sri Lanka, which is around thirty kilometers away. In this location, not very far from Rameshwaram, are eerily crumbled and remnants of windswept of Dhanuskodi, a town which got destroyed by a cyclone in 1964. Approaching Rameshwaram is also dramatic, with bridges that link it to the mainland.

Mysore, Karnataka

This area has a royal heritage that is impressive, with the main tourist attraction of the city being the Mysore Palace. There are other interesting palaces, buildings, and temples to view. The zoo is also among the best in India. It is also a great place to study Ashtanga Yoga and shop for sandalwood.

Coorg, Karnataka

For stunning scenic beauty and fresh aroma of the South Indian Coffee, go to Karnataka’s Kodagu region, which is also called the Coorg in English. This alluring and picturesque mountainous area in South Karnataka, which is not far from Mysore and Bangalore, is renowned for many coffee estates. Also, you can stay in one of them. The golden temple, which is among top Buddhist monasteries in India, should not also be missed.