Saint Lucia, the Caribbean Island for a Perfect Tropical Vacation.

The natural beauty of St. Lucia is enough reason to visit this stunning Caribbean island. This island is the ideal location for travelers looking for a vacation at a beautiful tropical location. St. Lucia attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year. The island provides equal chance for those who only wish to relax during the vacation and those who search for adventure and fun activities. Whether you to stop off on cruise or fly directly, you will always find a warm welcome at St. Lucia. As one of the Caribbean’s most lush and unique destinations, St. Lucia is a mountainous tropical paradise worth a visit. If you need more convincing, here are six reasons to visit St. Lucia this vacation.

Gorgeous Beaches

St. Lucia has many beautiful beaches to choose from. The good news is that all the beaches in this island are public and they are on all sides of the island. With water sport equipment rentals available, you can hire a snorkeling gear and paddleboards and get active. Despite the island being of volcanic origin, the sand on its beaches is golden. Anse Piton, Anse Chastnet and Anse Cochon are some of the perfect beaches with incredible soft sand and astonishing clear water.

The Towering Pitons

St. Lucia boasts as one of the best Caribbean islands because it is home to a breathtaking World Heritage Site, the beautiful Piton Mountains. The Pitons are two iconic green-sided mountains – Gros Piton and steeper Petit Piton. For adventurous visitors, hiking the mountains is the way to go, starting with the easier Gros Piton peak. While climbing the Gros Piton up and back may take you several hours, the stunning views and shimmering Caribbean waters will be worth the sweat.


St. Lucia attracts many tourists because of its tropical climate. The year-round temperatures range between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When it gets hot, the cooling trade winds keeps the climate cool allowing people to enjoy the perfect climate.

Vibrant Local Culture.

St. Lucia’s culture is a fusion of African, English and French influences. The mixing of the different cultures makes this island more beautiful and friendly at the same time. there are many cultural activities throughout the year that you can watch if not participate during your visit. The Castries Market is an open-air market where local vendors sell clothes, local art, and a variety of souvenirs and goods. Be sure to get anything you need from this market.

Delicious Cuisine

A visit to St. Lucia is not complete without a taste of the Caribbean delicious food. The exciting mix of the European, Asian, French and Creole cuisine is one of its kind. Whether you want a flavored fish dish at a high-end hotel or any seafood from a roadside stand, St. Lucia has all to offer.  

The Drive-Through Volcano

Though many people don’t know it, St. Lucia is the only place with a drive-through volcano in the world. Soufriere has a drive-through and it still active although the last eruption occurred hundreds of years ago. The crater on the volcano still expels steam, Sulphur, boiling water and mud. You can drive right up to it and see the water and Sulphur bubbling few meters away. However, you may smell rotten eggs afterwards because of the smell of Sulphur but it is worth it.